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Offset Printing


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Unique Printing

Materials to Print On

We can print on all kinds of materials using different types of printing processes. We can print on cloth, PVC, plastic, metal, vinyl, wood, magnets, carbon fiber, velour, mylar, fabric and much more. Printing on any thickness from 1 mil to 1 foot or bigger!

Coin Scratch

The mystery of the unknown in any promotion can create excitement and anticipation. Whether they're puzzles, games, pictures, or riddles. Coin scratch varnish, when applied properly, can make your stock come alive. Like magic, pictures, answers to puzzles, or any design you create, appear once a coin is scratched over the varnish. This system is ideal for in-packs and on-packs. It can be applied using all major printing systems. The number of potential applications for this ink is truly a mystery, but the answer is only a coin scratch away.

Water Wash-Off

A great alternative to a scratch-off ink, this water wash-off system works in much the same way. But, instead of scratching off ink to reveal a hidden image, the printed piece can be either dipped in water or wiped with a damp cloth to reveal the hidden message.

Water Soluble

Buse's water soluble inks are ideally suited for printing children's promotional items and games of all kinds. Unique products can be produced in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes. These inks can be economically used with all major printing methods except wet lithography. Our water soluble inks are extremely safe to use. They meet all FDA standards and we guarantee it in writing!

Custom Made Tattoos

There are a few different tattoo printing systems available. One is a water soluble system. This is ideal for printing low cost temporary tattoos which wash off easily with soap and water. Another is the adhesive-type, semi permanent tattoos. This full-color range ink series is formulated entirely from colorants suitable for cosmetic use, and has been used successfully by printers to produce high quality transfers. Typically, these tattoos will wear well for several days, and can be removed by using rubbing alcohol or cold cream.

Iron-On Transfers

With iron-on transfers, you can definitely have a remarkable new twist. We offer paint with water iron-on sublimation and heat transfer iron-on sublimation. Both are great for promoting your products, company and brand name.

Invisible Ink

This is a light blue color ink that dries virtually invisible. The odorless message is revealed with an activator pen or towelette.

Glow In The Dark Ink

The long-lasting qualities of Buse's glow-in-the-dark ink makes a promotional piece that customers will hold on to. This is especially effective with children's promotions. This glossy finish is clearly visible in a dark room.

Temperature-Sensitive Ink

Our thermochromatic inks are a wonderful new invention. We have several colors to choose from that change with temperature shifts: heat activated up to 140 degrees, cold activated to 10 degrees and even body-heat activated.

Scratch & Sniff Ink

You can't imagine the wide range of scents we have available for your use. Special promotions can really be highlighted with this realistic scratch and sniff. Florals, fruits, spices, food and beverages and a miscellaneous category you won't believe. From lilac to vanilla, grapefruit to pizza, bubble gum to cafe au lait.

Glitter/Sparkle Coatings

Add a little sparkle to your newest promotion. Use Buse's gold or silver glitter or sparkle coatings.

UV Coatings

A well finished, very professional look can be obtained by using a glossy UV coating. We've even used spot-varnish to show off certain areas of the printed piece. Spot varnishing with UV varnish makes the varnished image really pop off the page! You will be surprised at how much better the piece looks with this coating.

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